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THE DEADLINE EVERY MONTH IS THE 24th! You MUST have your image in by that time.

Latest Round Character Descriptions:June 2006

~tempestryder, ~nucleicassets

About Us

Welcome to the New Incarnation of the Second Furry Art Exchange. (FAX2) The Second Furry Art Exchange is, as it sounds, an online community where artists may participate to exchange art and better their skills in the process. FAX2 is primarily a place of learning where anybody can come to gain experience in drawing, and welcomes all furry artists of any two dimentional or three dimentional medium with any level of experience.

To sum it up... Every round you submit a character, draw somebody else's, and then get fan-art in return!

Everybody is welcome to participate, On the 25th of every month, a Roll-call form will be posted. This form will stay open until the end of the month. Anybody wishing to sign-up should reply to this roll-call form with a description of one of their characters. On the first of the month, all participants will be randomly assigned another character to draw. Remember, keep your chosen one a secret! All participants will then have three weeks (24 days) to finish their drawings or stories, and will post them as they complete them into the public community for their chosen one to see. At the end of the 24 days, the next round's signup will be put up and the process starts over again!

The Furry Art exchange is founded on two guiding principles, and all of the rules surrounding FAX2 are designed to uphold these priniciples:

1. FAX2 is a place to gain experience. All artists are welcome, as long as they put effort into improving themselves.
2. All artists who put effort into improving their skills deserve art as a reward for their efforts.


If you would like to participate, all you must do is reply to the roll-call post with your character. No special signup is required. All that is asked of you is that you are familiar with the rules on this page, and that you are a furry artist willing to put effort into your work!

You are required to fill out all the information in the "About You" section. The information in the "About your character" section is simply a suggested format, and it is not neccesary that you follow it exactly. If you end up using more space than is allowable in a post, simply truncate your post and then reply to your original with the rest of the information.

Do NOT provide a link to a character page in lieu of an actual character description. Doing this only invites problems. Please fill out all available information about your character in your thread reply. If you like you can provide a link to a character page in addition to the information you provide in the thread reply.

Remember that the character you will be assigned is completely random, so you should be prepared to get just about anything. You may get a new challenge you've never tried before, you might get something bizzare and difficult, it's also possible you get something uninteresting and generic. In any of these cases, do not fret. The challenge is one of the most important parts of this exchange. It's also important to remember that you may not get a character you particularily LIKE to draw, but you will still be expected to do it.

Don't forget, the character you submit must be a Furry of some kind. This includes animals, animal-people, mythic creatures and unique creations with animal-like features. The golden rule is that no humans or characters with human faces are accepted. (This includes Centaurs, Fey, or anything with a human nose) Some of the participants cannot draw humans, sorry.

Sometimes you may want to ask your chosen one something about his or her character, if you would like to do this, post anonymously with questions to your chosen one. Be sure to include their name, but not to reveal yours. (It's more fun to keep things a secret)

And also, remember to check the community at least once every few days for your art, or anybody attempting to contact you.

Rules about Late Art

Late Art is something of an inevitability every round, and something the Furry Art Exchange is sworn to prevent. All participants are expected to have their work finished by the 24th of the month. If you are not confident you can complete your work by this time for any given month, you should not sign up to participate.

All artists who have not turned in art by the deadline are immediately put on the Latelist. Artists on the latelist will not be allowed to participate in the next round, and will be banned from all future rounds until they have completed their art and removed themselves from the latelist. Once art is turned in, the artist will be removed from the latelist and once again allowed to participate. However, a one-month ban is still mandatory for all late artists even if they turn in their art prior to this.

If an artist who has submitted their own work has not received art by the 24th, a volunteer will be requested for them.

Rules about Art Quality

While the Second Furry Art Exchange is open to all artists, there is still an expected level of quality to be achieved. However, this quality standard will be determined on individually for each artist. The signup form requires that all participants provide a link to a working gallery. When an artist submits their work, the moderators of the community will review the artist's gallery to make sure that their submitted FAX2 piece has been given their best effort. If a piece is found to be dramatically sub-standard, the artist will be politely requested to edit, or possibly re-draw their work.

If an artist who has submitted work deemed to be sub-standard has not submitted new, acceptable work by the time the round closes, he or she will not be allowed to participate in the next round of the exchange. They will, however, be welcome to participate again after that month.

Quality for visual art will be judged in the following categories:
-Use of Colour
-Use of Background
-Other Elements in the drawing (Other characters, objects, etc)
-Scan Quality (if applicable)
-General Proportions and Anatomy
-Adherence to the theme round (if applicable)
and of course...
-Resemblance to the Character

(It is not neccesary that your drawing excel in ALL of these areas, but if a drawing is comparatively lacking in many of these fields, then it will be deemed sub-standard)

If an artist who has submitted quality work has not received an acceptable piece by the 24th, a volunteer will be requested for them.


All artists who particpate and submit quality work Deserve quality work in return. Any artist who has submitted quality work but has not received quality work will be listed in an Adoptions post on the 25th of every month. This includes anybody who has not received art because their chosen artist is late, and also anyone who has received art determined to be sub-standard. Once adoptions are up, Anybody at all may volunteer to draw a replacement piece for the person who missed out. The replacement piece should be done as fast as possible, and if you do not think you have the time to complete the piece, you should leave the adoption for somebody else to claim.

Anybody who completes a quality replacement piece will earn themselves a prize!

Nitty-Gritty Rules:

One and only one person may adopt an artist who has missed out. First to claim gets to adopt! It is recommended that if you do not feel you have the time in the near future to complete replacement art that you leave the adoptee for somebody else to claim. If you have claimed an adoptee, and suddenly find yourself unable to find the time to draw, please post and say so, so that your adoptee may be reassigned.

All quality replacement art will, of course, be rewarded with a print! While you have until the next month's deadline to provide a piece (before your adoptee is reassigned) it is recommended you complete the piece as soon as you can.

If an adopter does not provide a replacement piece before the end of the next round, his or her adoptee will be put up for adoption again. There is no punishment for not completing replacement art. (But do be considerate)

If your adoptee's REAL chosen one provides the missing art before you have a chance to complete your replacement art, you are "off the hook" (even though there's no punishment obligating you anyhow). However, you may still complete the replacement art if you so choose, and you will still be rewarded with a print for providing it.


For every month, there will be prizes in the form of high quality prints mailed to your doorstep. The prints themselves will be printed and mailed off by ~tempestryder, and will be donated by various artists who see fit to offer their work for this purpose. Each month, there will be winner awarded, as judged by the moderators, for the following two categories:

Effort Award: Each month, the Moderators will look through all the submissions and choose one artist who has demonstrated the most effort in their work. This will be determined by comparing their submitted work with the rest of their gallery, and deciding who has put the most effort into honestly improving their skills.

Commentator AWard: Also each month, the Moderators will choose a winner for the commentator award, given to the individual who has demonstrated excellence in commenting. This will not just be judged based on the number of comments given or the length of the comments, but also the artistic insight that goes into them.

In addition, any volunteer to completes a quality replacement piece (That is, any replacement piece not deemed to be substandard) will also receive a print for their work!

(If you are an artist of great experience looking to volunteer some of your work as a prize, please contact the moderators or post somewhere in the community. The process will not cost you anything, all that is required is a high-quality file that can be printed from, and of course, your permission to make 3 or 4 prints for this process)

Theme Rounds

Every second month, that is... every February, April, June, August, October and December... there will be a theme round. Theme rounds will vary greatly, but will always provide some sort of fun challenge to the artists in the form of some kind of visual theme an artist must adhere to.

It is important to be aware of the theme for a given month, as you do not want to find yourself accidentally making unacceptable art! (Replacement art will also be required to follow the theme for a given month.)

General Behaviour Guidelines

While most of these may seem common-sense, it's important they get spelled out anyhow.

1. Be Courtious. If you do not like the art you have received, no not attack the artist who provided it. All artists here are expected to do their best, and it will be enforced. If you have an issue with the art you have received, please take it up with a moderator and not the artist who provided it.

2. Turn in your art on time. This will not only keep you off the latelist, but prevent your chosen one from missing out. Also, if you have not turned in quality art on time, you will not have a volunteer asked to draw you replacement art if your own chosen one neglects you.

3. Don't be afraid. All that is expected of you here is that you put effort into your work. If you are having trouble getting something to turn out right, just do your best and provide what you can.

4. No whining. The Mods will do their best to ensure you get your art. Please do not pester anyone about the fact that your art may be taking a while to complete. (If, however, your volunteer for your replacement piece has taken more than a month to complete it, you should probably notify a mod)

5. This community will allow art of any rating - but please take note that your Chosen One can say what rating they prefer and do not go higher then this. Your Chosen One may be a minor, after all. If any picture is R-rating (ie: shows nipples or more), PLEASE put it behind a cut and give people a warning that there is nudity, or gore etc. There is no limit to what people can draw, but you should respect those who don’t like higer ratings. This applies for reference pictures as well as the completed picture

6. Be Descriptive. When you are filling out your character's information, be as descriptive as possible. As a general rule for description, your chosen artist should be able to completely envision your character before they even look at the reference pictures.

7. Be respectful to the artist drawing you. When selecting a character to submit, understand that your artist is entitled to a certain level of creative lisencing. If you are not comfortable with an artist taking a few creative liberties in how your character may look or dress, then you should consider submitting a different character.

8. Have fun and Learn!

If anyone has hosting problems for their images (ie: nowhere to stick 'em) let me (tempestryder) know and I can provide server space for a limited time.

To contact a Mod about anything, you can MSN Tempestryder at professor_phil@hotmail.com or AIM at Mirri Fox

If you have any other questions about anything involved in this exchange, feel free to contact the moderators, or post your concerns to the main community. Here's looking foward to seeing all of you in the exchange!