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Jul. 25th, 2007 @ 12:35 pm Rolecall, Adoptions.
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Ok gang. My life is up in an uproar right now, so I apologize for any delays that we're gonna have- August is gonna be a rough month for me.
So here is the rolecall for August. The theme? Lets' go... "Back to School." Because sometimes school starts in august, right? lol.

As far as I'm concerned, anyone who wants to sign up on this one can. I will trust everyone to get all of their art in this month. Adoptions from last month will be in a seperate entry- once i get enough time to do more than just rush through and scan LJ.

This means that emails are going out next wednesday. get all your friends to sign up!

LJ Username:
e-mail: (MUST BE VALID!!!):
Max rating of picture?
Have you read the rules?
Personal Gallery:









Accessories: (clothing, jewelry, weapons, etc)


Hobbies/Enjoyable Passtimes:

Anything else we should know/Relevant information:

Reference Pictures: (Ensure all pictures are properly rated)

Theme Ideas/Suggestions: (Back To School)
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Dalek Procrastinate
Date:July 25th, 2007 11:02 pm (UTC)
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LJ Username: IsilBastet
e-mail: (MUST BE VALID!!!): isilbastet@gmail.com
Max rating of picture?: High as you wanna go XD
Have you read the rules?: Yesh
Personal Gallery: furaffinity.net/user/isil


Name: Sternenlicht Der Mitternacht

Sex: Male

Height: Reeeeally tall. 110 ft. on two legs, 70 ft. at shoulder on four

Species: Eastern Dragon

Eyes: Yellow

Hair/Headfur: Hair, see reference

Description: See reference

Accessories: whatever you'd like

Personality: See reference >.>

Hobbies/Enjoyable Passtimes: Flying, stargazing

Anything else we should know/Relevant information: Marking on his forehead (not shown), diamond shape with rounded edges. Black, looks like a piece of space, white dots for stars

Reference Pictures: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/552580/

Theme Ideas/Suggestions: (Back To School)
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Date:July 27th, 2007 01:35 am (UTC)
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LJ Username: thrivis
e-mail: (MUST BE VALID!!!): thrivis@mac.com
Max rating of picture? R
Have you read the rules? Yes!
Personal Gallery: http://thrivis.deviantart.com


Name: Tundra

Sex: Female

Height: 5' 4"

Species: Snow leopard

Eyes: blue

Hair/Headfur: long white with blue and green streaks

Description: She's whiter than a normal snow leopard, and her spots are blue and green.

Accessories: Since the theme is back to school, she'd be wearing a school uniform, something like a Japanese sailor school uniform that's popular in anime would be cute. SheNo unusual jewelry or anything like that.

Personality: Very cheerful, kind of a flirt for other girls even though she has a jackal boyfriend.

Hobbies/Enjoyable Passtimes: amature fortune telling, World of Warcraft geekery, into New Age spirituality too.

Anything else we should know/Relevant information: Not really.

Reference Pictures:

Theme Ideas/Suggestions: (Back To School)
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Date:July 28th, 2007 04:40 am (UTC)
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LJ Username:
e-mail: gel_wolfy@hotmail.com
Max rating of picture?: pg-13 c:
Have you read the rules?: Yes
Personal Gallery: http://gel-chan.deviantart.com


Sex: female
Height: 5'5"
Species: COYOTE c: common mistake: she's NOT a wolf o:
Eyes: blue
Hair/Headfur: shoulder length brown hair with pink bangs ( it says orange on the ref, but they're pink )
Description:Medium/short in height; pudgy, but muscular; usually seen with her hair tied back; everything else is on the reference c:

Accessories: glasses with thick purple frames; usually wears got/Tripp pants or long shorts with tight, brightly colored shirts; always wears a collar of some sort; often wears arm socks ( any kind ); usually carries a large blue and black messenger bag

Personality: shy, but is mostly up beat and fun-loving. usually pretty laid back and docile. loves animals and art, and tends to be lost in thought a lot. always has her nose in a book xD

Hobbies/Enjoyable Pastimes: art, drawing mostly; computers/internet; reading ( would prolly fit in with the theme )

Anything else we should know/Relevant information: this is an anthro character, by the way XD

Reference Pictures:
http://smg.photobucket.com/albums/v285/gelwolf/?action=view¤t=0725071538.jpg ( for the hair c: )

Theme Ideas/Suggestions: (Back To School)
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Date:July 29th, 2007 04:46 pm (UTC)
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LJ Username: Skunktaur
e-mail: (MUST BE VALID!!!): b.reijns@home.nl
Max rating of picture? Any, but tasteful
Have you read the rules? Yes
Personal Gallery: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/tarossb/


Name: Taross Josephine Blackburn

Sex: Hermaphrodite

Height: roughly six feet

Species: skunktaur

Eyes: Green

Hair/Headfur: White, but often dyed

She stands about 6'3 from the top of her head to the floor and her lower body is roughly three feet in height.
Her fur is pitch black, darker than the night, save for her taurbodies underbelly and the white patches common for the spotted skunk variety.
Behind her flows her large tail, a small white patch underneath from her belly, but otherwise as black as the rest of herself.
Her head hair looks more human, her skunk ears jutting through the white shoulder length hair, white tips adorning the black-furred backs.
All the digits on her lower body are equipped with serious claws, normally for burrowing, but greatly enlarged like the rest of her lower part. These claws look rather large and are white colored, looking a little 'off' on her figure. Her hands look like they ought to sport the same claws, but they are filed short.
She also has a red vertical mark painted on the white fur surrounding her left eye. It looks somewhat like a cheetah-stripe, but it ends before running along her muzzle.

Accessories: (clothing, jewelry, weapons, etc)
Often she wears a simple vest with pockets on it, over a shirt that has a logo of one or other game or such on the front.
Her original outfit is more Final-Fantasy inspired., which is apparent in the gallery.
She's got no jewelry or piercings or the likes.

Straight-forwards, most of the time. While she has a more or less carefree demeanor, her regular side shines through often when things need to be done, or the situation gets out of hand. She's not overly cruel or harsh, but she's not into 'softening' up either.

Hobbies/Enjoyable Passtimes:
Reading, music, more reading. Wandering around in new locations.

Anything else we should know/Relevant information:
Originally, in RP, she'd have two children. One foxtaur kit she's the mother of, and one skunktaur kit she's the father of. Both are fully female, nothing special. At the time, both are in their mid-teens easily.

Reference Pictures: (Ensure all pictures are properly rated)
The gallery has more, but be careful. There IS adult content around, a lot ;D

Theme Ideas/Suggestions: (Back To School)
Taross would most likely fit the 'back to school' as a teacher. That or the geeky-girl-that-might-be-a-bombshell-if-she-took-off-her-glasses-type.
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Date:July 30th, 2007 11:41 pm (UTC)
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LJ Username: Arquel
e-mail: (MUST BE VALID!!!): spacheco84@cox.net
Are you and Artist or Writer(for this round): Artist
Do you mind receiving a story?
Max rating of picture? Any allowed
Have you read the rules? Aye
Personal Gallery:


Name: Arquel

Sex: male

Height: 5'10"

Species: Mostly bat, tiny bit of wolf in him

Eyes: One eye (right) is blue, one eye (left) is green

Hair/Headfur: Somewhat short, kinda messy, black and straight

Arquel is the son of Alleah and Vladimyr, which makes him about a quarter wolf. His 'wolf' doesn't really show through much, except in making his muzzle slightly longer than his mother's, and giving his ears a slightly canine shape (very slightly). He's entirely grey, like his mother, except his head-hair, which is black. He's a tiny bit more muscular than you'd expect a bat to be, but not by much - this is due to the vestiges of wolf in him. In his reference picture, his wings are attached to his arms - I draw my bat characters like this occasionally - but his wings are not required. I occasionally draw them attached at the back as well (like angel wings), but wings get in the way all the time.

Accessories: (clothing, jewelry, weapons, etc)
Nothing special. Jeans, t-shirts. He doesn't carry any weapons or anything, and doesn't wear any jewelry.

Arquel is severly autistic. For much of his life he didn't speak at all, and when he did begin speaking he only spoke to his mother - only recently did he begin speaking to people in general. To most people, he seems very emotionless, cold, and distant. He takes things people say very literally, and the way he talks often causes mutual confusion between him and whomever he's trying to communicate with. He's very much a loner, and a bit of an obsessive-compulsive - he needs everything to be in a proper place, to 'match', to fit in with whatever's around it. This does not necessarily make him a neat freak, he doesn't obsessively clean - he just obsessively organizes.

Hobbies/Enjoyable Pastimes:
Arquel loves to read. Even when he didn't speak, he knew how to read. He also is an artist - he's very good at looking at something, then drawing it almost flawlessly. However, being autistic, he has a difficult time conjuring images from his imagination and reproducing them on paper - his skills mainly only mean he can reproduce something known in a drawing, not make a drawing of something unknown. Because he's not highly imaginative, he often seems really cold, distant, and literal to people who don't know him well.

Anything else we should know/Relevant information:
Arquel was initally taken away from his mother right after he was born, and spent the first five years of his life in a mental health institution where the doctors experimented on him. Because of this he's extremely afraid of doctors. He has some scars on his head that are hidden in his hair. As a side effect of the experimentation, he gets violent grand-mal seizures occasionally - perhaps once every couple of weeks.

Reference Pictures: (Ensure all pictures are properly rated)
http://www.furaffinity.net/view/220363/ - Shirtless Arquel. The only picture of him I have at this moment. I had some older ones of him as about 10 years old, but I haven't drawn him in so long. :(

Theme Suggestions: I tend to draw him lately in his mid to late teens, (although I do draw him as young as 5 occasionally) which makes him the only character I have that's actually school-aged. He can really be drawn at any age where he might be in school, from kindergarten to college.
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Date:August 10th, 2007 01:24 am (UTC)
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LJ Username:Squirrelygurl
e-mail: (MUST BE VALID!!!): dragon_gurl9999@yahoo.com
Max rating of picture? XXXXXX
Have you read the rules? Yes.
Personal Gallery: http://crayolasquirrel.deviantart.com


Name: Hiai Ranbou

Sex: Female

Height: 6"

Species: Great Panda

Eyes: Ice Blue

Hair/Headfur: Pastel Pink

Description: She's a tall pink haired bitch, with various black markings over her body. See reference for exact markings. Her hair is usually up in a bun or ponytail, but sometimes she leaves it down.

Accessories: (clothing, jewelry, weapons, etc) She carries a gun with her, if not a huge sword on her back. She doesn't have many peircings, except for her ears.

Personality: She's a bitch. She's a relatively new character, so I don't have a developed personality for her. She has a mate, who is a blonde polarbear named Shiro. He is pictured in some of the ref pics.)

Hobbies/Enjoyable Passtimes: Again, see above. I know she likes killing things. XD

Reference Pictures: (Ensure all pictures are properly rated)
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Date:August 10th, 2007 06:26 pm (UTC)
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I still haven't gotten any artwork from two rounds ago.